Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daddy & Mommy dearest

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 6 episode on CBC

Peter: Yes, she’s right, we'll call the coppers. We'll have them decide who should have my son! Me or the worst father the world has ever known.
Deirdre: Peter!
Peter: Don’t forget you, don’t forget the mother of a murderer!

Yikes! That's a little scary when you think about it. Here's Peter Barlow in a drunken rage lashing out at his stable, loving parents who are stepping in to give little Simon some semblance of a normal home life. But then Peter gives a lightning quick summary of Ken and Deirdre and all of a sudden you realize that the longer you live on the Street, the longer the list of your past sins and indiscretions.

Kenneth? Three marriages and more than 20 affairs (maybe he's taking that locally-manufactured virility drug: Viagraduct? ed) FYI, Ken's Konquests™ include Rita (surely not on the counter of the Kabin? - ed). Had three children (although spent little time raising any of them), several jobs and more than a few indiscretions including once taking the rap for a driving accident involving Peter.

Deirdre? Three marriages including one to a 21-year old Morrocan waiter named Samir (she always was partial to couscous and mushy peas - ed). Had an affair with a bigamist, spent time in jail for fraud. Her daughter murdered a man in cold blood and, oh yes, Deirdre once had a one-night stand with Dev (yes, that Dev!) who, incidentally, also had a brief affair with Tracy (do I detect a pattern here? - ed).

So, in a way, Peter is right. I guess Ken is technically not the best father in the world and yes, I suppose Deirdre is the mother of a murderer. On the other hand, from where I stand, Ken and Deirdre seem like a pretty good option for Peter at the moment in terms of childcare and support. Maybe he'll agree when he sobers up (I'll pencil him in for New Year's day -ed).

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