Friday, October 16, 2009


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 15 episode on CBC

Well, it's Friday and that means 'TGIF' except in Quebec where we call it 'TGIV' (Tony Gordon, It's Vendredi). So let's finish the week with a pithy selection of memorable quotes from this week's episodes of Corrie (along with some comments thrown in for good measure - ed). Drum roll please:

Tony Gordon making the happy discovery of a living Jed Stone:
"So Jed’s not dead, baby. Jed’s not dead.
(sounds like the lyrics to an 80s pop song by that band 'Dead or Alive')

Rosie summarizing the seasonal tendency of Kevin Webster:
"It wouldn’t be Christmas if he didn’t attack my boyfriend"
(deck the Stape with boughs of Holly, fa la la la la la la la la... )

Vickie trying to prepare a traditional Polish dinner and placate Norris:
"I will make borscht for us and I’ m sure I can handle Norris' leekie-cock"
(careful, you'll need the 'Ove glove' for that...)

Sally Webster commenting on the snacks at Gail's impromptu house party:
"they really melt in your mouth, these vol-au-vents"
(...they should, Ed Windass uses the finest ingredients that compo can buy)

Becky refusing to go into the Kabin with Steve lest someone should become suspicious:
"That Rita, she can smell sexual chemistry from 40 yards "
(either that or a hotpot... sometimes it's hard to tell)

Gail speaking to Joe:
"I've been wrong about men before"
(surely not, Richard Hillman was just a nice bloke with a penchant for amphibious vehicles and muder [Maria's spelling])

Auntie Pam as she enters the house and interrupts Molly and Tyrone:
"I've managed to get me hands on some lovely deviled ham"
(Please, Pam, get a room...)

Rita to Eileen's father, Colin, who is in full flattery mode:
You're still in the doghouse, but I'm enjoyin' the barkin'
(I'd enjoy the neuterin' more...)


Parting shots from the hip... that's it for this week. As always it's a hoot to be here and also to get your comments. Enjoy the weekend and the omnibus edition and remember, don't do anything that Tony Gordon wouldn't do.. (well, almost anything). Cheers

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