Friday, October 23, 2009


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 22 episode on CBC

Friday already? Well then, it's time to crank up 'TGIF' or 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' especially exciting with Hogmanay in the air (at least according to CST, Corrie Street Time). But enough of this mithering chit chat (here, here! -ed), let's take a look at some of the quotes of the week (along with some comments thrown in for good measure - ed). May I have the envelope, please:

Tony Gordon to Carla, proposing a trip home during a very special time of year:
"How do you fancy celebrating Hogmanay in Scotland?"
(complete with all the magical Gordon family traditions: hit & run, forcible confinement and attempted strangulation with a sexy negligee. Guid times)

Liz giving a pep talk to the Rover's barmaids before the New Year's Eve rush:
"So let’s give the punters a night to remember!"
(new urinal cakes in the washrooms and free pork scratchings for everyone!)

Blanche as she observes Leanne and Peter under the mistletoe:
"An ex-prostitute and an alcoholic. Jerry Springer would do cartwheels"
(Just think of all the profanities, chair-throwing and fist-fights - and that's just at the nativity play)

Eileen telling Deirdre that Blanche has placed a bet in her name:
"When we land a monkey on the moon by the year 2030, you'll be a very wealthy woman"
(...only if you marry the monkey first [Corrie writers, take note])

Dev insisting to Tara that he is not pathetic:
"I've got loads of dignity. In fact if I made my own aftershave, that’s what it'd be called - Dignity by Dev Allahan"
(use with caution: side-effects may include sleeping with mothers and their daughters)

Molly explaining to Pam why Jackie Dobbs is back:
"Her boob blew up on a light aircraft."
(Fortunately, the pilot was able to make an emergency landing with just the one remaining)

Jackie Dobbs explaining her rationale for breast implants:
"Honestly, before I had them done, I was like two aspirins on an ironing board"
(Not tonight, they've got a headache...)

Jackie Dobbs again, bragging to Deirdre about the secrets of her success:
"What’s that I feel beneath me wings?"
(wing implants?)


Parting shots from the hip... that's it for this week. Thanks for visiting and reading and thanks too for the comments (nice to hear that someone else appreciates Norris). Enjoy the Friday episode and the weekend omnibus edition. Cheers & Happy Corrie watching to all.

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