Tuesday, October 27, 2009

everybody loves steve?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 26 episode on CBC

I think I'm getting a headache. (take two aspirin and call me in 2012 - ed). Ever since Becky compared Steve and Michelle to the American TV sitcom, 'Everybody loves Raymond', I've been trying to figure out who's who (whom, surely - ed).

Let's start with the obvious. According to Becky, Steve is Raymond and Michelle is Deborah. So far, so good. So, who is Robert (Ray's brother)? Is it Andy? (Naw, Andy's in Spain. That doesn't work). It must be Lloyd. Lloyd is Robert. Yeah, that works. I can just hear Lloydie saying sarcastically: "Everybody loves Steve". But, wait, hang on a minute. If Lloyd is Robert, that means Lloyd (Robert) is sleeping with Ray's mother, Marie (Liz). Geez Louise! Oh my God! I don't think I ever saw that episode.

And what about Ray's Dad, Frank. Who would that be? I guess that would have to be big Jim McDonald. So let's see. That means Ray's Dad was sent to jail for killing a bloke with his bare hands and then got out of the slammer only to punch out one of Marie's boyfriends (Vernon). Yikes! I can't exactly hear the studio audience doubling over in laughter at that episode.

Okay, so the parallels don't exactly work. But I guess Becky's point is that Steve (like most married men who say they'll leave their wives) is never going to leave Michelle. "They're at each other all the time but deep down, there’s love," says Becky.

Sad but true and that point comes through in living colour -- whether you're Ray Romano or Steve McDonald.

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