Friday, November 27, 2009

TGIF: Nov 27

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 26 episode on CBC

It's Friday and that means it's time for 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday' or TGIF (either that or head over to YouTube for the skateboarding cat - ed). Could this be the last TGIF (fingers crossed - ed)? Well, either way, let's take a quick gander at some of the best quotes of the week. Giddyup!:

Carla quizzing Kevin and his youthful sidekick, Tyrone, about the location of that popular cut- rate garage:
"Carla: Do you know where Jimmy’s garage is?"
(just go straight down Rosamund Street and turn left at the first thug. You can't miss it)

Becky using the word 'euphoric' while speaking with Steve:
"You don’t work next to Roy Cropper for a year and learn nothing."
(By the way... the British Rail Class 142 is a class of Pacer diesel multiple units used in the United Kingdom. 96 units were built in Derby between 1985 and 1987. They were a development of the earlier Class 141 which were introduced in 1984)

Ken trying to ascertain Janice's areas of academic potential:
" there any particular subject you have an interest in?"
(you mean apart from fags and beer?)

Tony trying to be flippant during an intense confrontation with Carla:
"Can you tap dance? "
(I tried once, but I kept falling in the sink)

Carla giving Tony an explicit account of the times she secretly had sex with Liam:
"Oh, what brilliant subterfuge it was. We even had subterfuge in my wedding dress"
(... I hope it was protected subterfuge)

Tony confessing his sins and rationale to Carla:
"I killed him. I had him killed. But I did it for you
(you know, a card and a nice box of choccies from The Kabin would have done just as well)

Norris vacillating on the question of whether a macaroon is a cake or a biscuit:
"I find it hard to envision circumstances where my entire existence hinged on the correct classification of a coconut macaroon "
(Oh hello Jimmy, how's the garage? Listen, I think I may have a job for you.)

Bill Webster checking out the action at a singles bar:
"Right now I’m like a tiger in the long grass."
(Must be a sabre tooth tiger because you're pretty long in the tooth)


Shots from the hip... That's it after a riveting week on the Street. So many questions: Where did Carla go? What about Maria? Will Tony find an umbrella? Thanks for visiting. Have great weekend and enjoy the Friday episode as well as the weekend omnibus edition. Bye for now.

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