Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Exeunt Connors

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 30 episode on CBC

It seems like only yesterday that Liam Connor made his debut on the street, walking into the Rovers and sniffing out a ripe pigeon (one of Jack's? - ed) in the person of Adam Baldwin, clueless inheritor of Underworld. A few ticks later and Paul Connor is in on the action, helping his brother seal a sweetheart deal for Underworld (50 quid, two pints, a box of Quality Street and a haircut? - ed) all because Adam Ant wanted to get rid.

Michelle? Well she was the sexy singer in Vernon's cutting edge band (The rock rhythm method pals? - ed) who was hired as a barmaid. Of course, Vernon tried it on but he was well out of her league. Soon Paul's vampy wife, Carla, joined the family on Coronation Street and the Fab Four were well installed. This was a good-looking group people. Michelle and Carla could be reasonably be classified as eye-candy. While Paul was a nice lad with money and Liam, well, as far as I can determine he was considered the 'hunk plus ultra' of Corrie.

So what happened?

Well, consider the unfortunate stats. Two of the Connors got killed. One was binned and the other did a runner. Now there is an SHS (serious hunk shortage) on the street and a huge reduction in eye candy. Who's left? (Kirk and Janice? - ed).

The really creepy thing is that the four Connors have been replaced by another family of four, a dynasty which is making its own indelible mark on Coronation Street: the Windasses!



  1. Hi C.H. Good one!! The fab 4 indeed.What a bunch of losers as a replacement! Mary

  2. Yes they are, but I think that young Windass is a very good actor. He's menacing but charming at the same time. I have high hopes for him on the show.