Friday, December 18, 2009

TGIF December 18

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the December 17 episode on CBC

Well, it's Friday and here we are just a few shopping days before that big seasonal celebration (what's it called again?). So I guess it's time for TGIF or 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday'. Think of it as an early Christmas gift (like a lump of coal - ed). Without further delay, here are some of the memorable lines of the week (with weighty editorial comment -ed) so on Prancer, on Dasher etc:

Martha waxing lyrical on the beauty of dusk:
"This is my favourite time of day"
(Between the arrival of Ted... and the return of Ken)

Joe McIntyre trying to maintain a positive outlook during difficult times:
"Still got me sense of humour"
(you're keeping it well hidden)

Deirdre reminding Ken not to forget about dinner:
"I’m doing cottage pie for tea. Will you remember or do I have to tattoo it on your forehead?"
(A tattoo please. After all, most sailors have them and Ken seems to be spending most of his time on the water these days...)

Liz telling Becky she's not up to the high standards of her other barmaids:
"Betty’s like Yoda compared to you"
(So then, based on her wardrobe, Liz would be Chewbacca?)

Becky describing the Rovers' extensive menu:
"We've got loads of sarnies and butties."
(... yes but do you have anything to eat?)

Kelly Crabtree getting annoyed by the long wait for service in the Rovers:
"Hey, I've been here 20 minutes. Me belly thinks me throat’s been cut."
(I'm afraid your belly is going to be sorely disappointed)

Lloyd prononcing on the state of Steve and Becky's union:
"their engagement is about as dead as Monty Python’s parrot "
(it's not dead, it's just resting)

Luke Strong telling Tony what he's heard:
"Apparently you're a murderer who killed his wife’s lover."
(Got it in one)

Shots from the hip... thanks for stopping by this week and have a great weekend. I'll be back next week. Until then enjoy the omnibus and tonight's episode.


  1. You are too funny!
    Love your posts, your attitude and insight of the show is wonderful!

  2. Fantastic blog...will tell my Corrie pals. But what do you have against Joe McIntyre? Ok, he's a loser. But he seems to love Gail.

  3. Thanks anonymous and anonymous for the comments. With respect to Joe McIntyre, maybe I'm beng a bit harsh. He just seems like a bit of a sad sack, convinced that he's doomed and hiding his head in the sand. And there's that hairtrigger temper of his which I think could be a problem in the future. On the other hand, he does love Gail, gave David a job for a while and has a nice daughter - so point taken and thanks for the comment. cheers, CH