Friday, January 29, 2010

TGIF Jan 29

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the January 28 episode on CBC

Geez, it's colder than a Platt-Windass cocktail party out there. Just the weather for sitting back and enjoying TGIF (Tony Gordon, It's Friday), brought to you this week by the law firm of Slingya, Hook & Bard, proudly serving customers for 30 life. Now, let's get down to TGIF and take a quick look at some of the week's memorable lines:

Joe McIntyre after lifting a kitchen cabinet and injuring himself:
"Me back’s gone. It’s agony."
(You think that's agony? Just wait till Gail starts taking care of you)

Roy Cropper relishing his opportunity to teach Chesney about the English civil war:
"I do love British history. After all, if we can’t understand where we came from, how can we ever hope to know where we're going?"
(Precisely. If you know you're coming from Underworld, then you know you're going to the Rovers.)

Simon inquiring as to the condition of his pet:
"Is the rabbit dead? "
(No, she's just resting - or if its name is Leanne, skiving)

Blanche reminiscing about old times:
"Do you remember Tracy’s gerbil?"
(No comment. This is a family blog)

Norris suggesting a holiday destination to Mary:
"...we could have another crack at the lake district"
(yeah, maybe this time you could make it as far as the viaduct)

Ken, sarcastically reassuring Peter about his quest for a new, safe bed for Simon:
"I won’t look at kids-beds-deathtraps-dot-com."
(...but please forward the info to Len Windass. Sounds like his kind of supplier)

Blanche complaining during the church blessing of pets on Easter Sunday:
"I've got dog mess on me new Scholls"
(let's call that a 'pet peeve')

Ken banging on about spiritual alternatives to Christianity:
"Not atheism, humanism. There’s a difference"
(Yeah but it doesn't matter because Ken's explanations mostly result in somnambulism)


Ah, well. Thanks for visiting Blanche's Polish Hip this week and I hope you enjoy the weekend omnibus. See you next week & cheers to all!


  1. How could you pass up Blanche's 'Lesbianism' comment? I laughed out loud at that one! A classic!


  2. Thanks for the comment,Tony. I confess, I missed that one. Blanche is the best.

  3. Corrie, keep up the good work!! Blanche is the best!! Mary