Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deirdre or Martha?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Feb 1 episode on CBC

Well, it looks like it's coming down to the crunch for Sir Kenneth of Barlow. He's been seen in public (by Audrey, no less) pleading with the fair Martha, begging her to pronounce him 'boatworthy'. Now that the cat is almost out of the proverbial bag, Ken is facing a tough decision. Should he stay with Deirdre (if she'll have him) or cast off with Martha (if she'll have him). There's only one way to solve this: The Becky Granger Comparison List™ last used to compare Jason with Steve McDonald (too bad it didn't work - ed).

So, let's compare apples with oranges, shall we?

favourite drink:
Martha: a saucy Pinot Noir / Deirdre: G&T, easy on the T

a voice most like...
Martha: Emma Thompson / Deirdre: Bass singer of Oak Ridge Boys

preferred mode of transport:
Martha: boat & bicycle / Deirdre: bus & taxi

I'd like to nibble on...
Martha: ...Ken's ear / Deirdre: ...pork scratchins

pet peeve:
Martha: people who confuse existentialism with humanism / Deirdre: Blanche

any daughter of mine must...
Martha: ..be able to make an authentic cassoulet / Deirdre: ..qualify for parole

Martha: theatre & literature / Deirdre: cigarettes & Rovers

Hmm. It's a tough call. I certainly wouldm't want to be in Ken's shoes. of course, right about now, I don't even think Ken wants to be in Ken's shoes.

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  1. I think Ken made the wrong decision. I think Captain crumpet is better than Deirdre (the homebody).
    Coronation critic