Friday, January 8, 2010

TGIF Jan 8

note: this post makes reference to the January 7 episode on CBC

Well, fellow Coronation Street addicts, it's Friday and that means we finish the week with another edition of the award-winning feature, 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' or TGIF, our weekly look at some of the memorable lines of the week (with editorial comment for added value - ed). Onward!

Julie using her own unique pronunciation to refer to an office memo she sent to Luke:
"Oh, did you not get me meemo?"
(methinks sheemo is getting on Luke's nerves)

Becky reflecting on the menu of a posh Chinese restaurant:
"Their prawn balls are supposed to be pretty spesh"
(...and the rest of the prawn is pretty good too)

Natasha doing some amateur palm-reading at the salon:
"You've got a really strong love line. It’s pulsating"
(Must be the Viagra)

Becky giving instructions to the waiter as she sits down at the restaurant:
"Um, a pint of cider, ta and um, a whiskey chaser"
(Then she'll order something to drink)

Steve trying to convince Becky to go away to the Maldives:
"There’s a hotel room with our name on it."
('Legless and clueless'?)

Liz outraged after Becky hurls food at her:
"How dare you throw your soft shell crab at me?"
(A real lady asks the waiter to do it)

Peter Barlow explaining why he uses hand lotion
"I was in the navy you pick up habits, you know?"
(you mean like bigamy and alcoholism?)

Tara at her gallery opening, scolding Darryl because he's not wearing a belt
"Darryl, I want them to look at the art, not your lack of a behind."
(After all, there's no ass in Picasso... oh wait a minute)

Gail complaining about her mother's attitude towards David:
"The only time she doesn’t criticize David is when she's using him as a blunt instrument to beat me with"
(Well, at least David has a purpose in life...)


Well, that's it for the first week of 2010. Enjoy tonight's episode and the Sunday omnibus and thanks as always for dropping by and for your kind comments. I'll be back next week with more of the Hip. Till then, cheers to all.

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