Thursday, January 7, 2010

Look back at Amber

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the January 6 episode on CBC

Congratulations Amber! (yes, that new hairstyle really suits her - ed). You have joined the few, the proud, the elite handful of Coronation Street citizens to escape Weatherfield and attend university. Take your rightful place beside Ken Barlow, Toyah Battersby, Todd Grimshaw and a few select others (what about Kirkie? Didn't he attend King's Kennel Cambridge? - ed).

The achievement is all the more spectacular because of - or should I say - in spite of Daddy Dev. Dev was the quintessential absentee landlord of parents, the silent partner, the uninterested bystander who was quick to make Amber's life difficult and slow to help her in any way. You could say that Dev was there for Amber when she needed a place to go. True enough but Dev got the better deal: cheap, efficient and trustworthy labour for his corner shop. Amber's school and academic achievements? I don't think Dev was even aware that Amber attended school (too busy with his corner shop empire and various dalliances).

At any rate, I'm not suprised that Amber got accepted to uni in London. And it couldn't have happened at a better time. That tag team of Dev and Umed is starting to get on my nerves. They're like the two Ronnies (not as funny - ed) or some kind of insipid Bollywood version of Laurel and Hardy (but not silent, unfortunately - ed).

Amber's moving on at the right time, leaving Dev, Tara and Weatherfield behind. There's only one small fly in the ointment (you mean Peter Barlow's dermatological defence serum? - ed) and that's poor Darryl. You can see the heartbreak in his eyes (just look under the hair - ed). What's left for him once Amber leaves? He'd be out of place in the big city (unless there's a King's Kebab College somewhere in London - ed). I'd be sorry to see them split up. They go together like chips and soggy peas.

In the meantime, I say to Amber: 'You go girl' and I say to Dev: 'send Umed back to Mumbai'

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  1. Amber is one of my favourite characters, so I'll be sorry to see her go. And I agree about Umed. Maybe Tara will have an affair with him to get back at Dev.