Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Barlow gene

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Feb 2 episode on CBC

What is it about the Barlow men? Do they use a special aftershave? Do they exude pheromones which bewitch females? Is there some magic Barlow gene? (don't you mean 'Gene Barlow', Ken's evil twin? - ed).

Just look at Ken and fils (who's fils? - ed). First, there's Ken, Weatherfield's official geriatric tomcat, playing away with the most comely sailorette this side of the HMS FoxyLady -- while the once-prized Deirdre, cools her heels at home. You'll recall that Ken and Mike Baldwin once fought over the fair Deirdre, a heated, bitter battle which raged for years. Ken eventually won the affections of Deirdre but he's also courted the affections of many other women. In fact, Ken's other assorted dalliances include: a hairdresser, a city council employee, a librarian, an exotic dancer, a hotel receptionist, a chiropodist, a school principal - and others.

Then, there's Peter Barlow. Let's look at the attributes. Spent most of his life in a submarine (the vessel or the sandwich? - ed). Smokes like a chimney. Drinks like a fish (at least until recently...). Noted bigamist and hot tempered. But that hasn't stopped him from once courting Maria and then running off suddenly, or getting chummy with Leanne (the Battersby or the rabbit ?- ed) and now the lovely Michelle seems unexplicably and strangely drawn to Barlow Jr.

I just don't get it (evidently, but the Barlows do - ed). On the other hand, when you consider the calibre of the competition on the Street (take a bow, Eddie Windass - ed), I guess there's something to be said for the Barlow gene with all its faults.


  1. Hi,

    Well there is something dark, yet vulnerable, about Peter Barlow. I'm glad he's back on the show. I just don't get why he isn't a little more understanding of Ken. Do you know the back story of them? Apparently Peter's mother died in a fire.


  2. Hi and thanks for the comments. I don't know that much about Peter but he and Ken have never really had a great father-son relationship. As young kids, Peter and his twin (Susan) were sent to Glasgow to live with their grandparents for many years (after ken's wife, valerie, was killed in a fire). The twins barely saw Ken. On top of this, Peter served in the navy (on a sub) for some years. The two don't have that much in common. I think Peter feels that Ken is always judging him, and is disappointed in him (a bookie, bigamist & alcoholic) and is unsupportive. As for Ken, he always seems preoccupied with work, intellectual pursuits or his own life to be fully involved with his son.

    You can find more on the Internet but beware of spoilers! Hope this helps, cheers, CH