Friday, February 12, 2010

TGIF February 12

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the February 11 episode on CBC

This Friday is special because the eyes of the world are focused on... (note from Slingya, Hook & Bard, attorneys at law: "the IOC has informed us that the use of 'eyes' , 'special' and 'world' are not permitted during the Olympics. Please govern yourself accordingly... and get on with it"). Oh, well, in that case, let's just say it's time for another edition of TGIF (Tony Gordon, it's Friday), our weekly round-up of some of the week's memorable lines on Coronation Street. This week's TGIF is brought to you by Streetcars whose slogan is: "Keep your shirt on, we'll get there eventually" Hit it!

Jack Duckworth singing the praises of his new ladyfriend:
"Connie, now there’s a woman you could grow a marrow for"
(I wonder if I can find a Valentine's day card with that sentiment?)

Tara setting her devious trap to capture Dev in the buff on camera:
"Why don’t you use Justin’s office to take your clothes off? "
(yes, leave all your clothes and dignity in there... but keep your boxers on)

Connie bemoaning the diminished consumer need for laundry services:
"You could wash a month’s worth of thongs and still have space for your bedding"
(just ask Rosie Webster...)

Dev voicing his concerns about Justin taking candid photos of Tara:
"I think it’s reasonable for me to be there if he’s going to be pointing his long lens at my naked girlfriend"
(especially if he has his camera with him...)

Ultrasound nurse at the hospital reassuring Maria during her scan:
"Fluid levels are normal so there’s nothing to worry about"
(funny, Poppy says the same thing to the punters at the Rovers)

Blanche taking a dim view of her daughter's opinion:
"I could write Deirdre’s brilliant ideas on the back of a pinhead"
(Hey, I don't think Kirk would like that)

Jason explaining to his Mom his nightmare about being in Vietnam:
"I dreamed I was there fighting for the King Kong"
('gorilla' warfare, no doubt)

Amy in one of her rare speaking moments:
"Is mummy a murderer? "
(of course not, she just dropped a statue on Charlie Stubb's head (several times) and now she's staying at a very posh hotel where the ladies shower together and make fancy license plates)

Mary describing the books she likes to read:
"I love misery lit books"
(...and you'll be able to write one after you get back from vacation with Norris)


Well, that's it for the week but I do want to make a special point of thanking you for all the comments about the show and the blog. I appreciate the kind words and the opinions about Corrie. Enjoy the omnibus edition on the weekend and I'll be back next week with more of the Hip. Cheers to all.

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