Wednesday, March 24, 2010


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the march 23 episode on CBC

What is it about Coronation Street men and addiction? Right at this moment, we have three classic examples of Corrie males driven to distraction by their personal demons (undercooked hotpot? - ed).

Leading the pack is Peter Barlow, waging a one-man war against alcohol (first casualty: Blanche's bottle of sherry - ed). The only thing standing between Peter and alcoholism is Simon - and the high price of lager at the Rovers. Now that Michelle's left for a six-month tour with the band, Peter is even more susceptible to the idea of a nice six-pack of scotch before bedtime. How on earth will he maintain sobriety in a Street where half the residents pop into the Rovers at lunchtime for several pints and a G &T, where the average blood/alcohol reading is the same as the speed limit, where...(that's enough, we get the idea - ed).

A close second to Peter is sad Joe McIntyre. Is anything going right for this poor sod? He's got loan sharks at his throat, Gary Windass on his back, David Platt in the house and Gail is his main squeeze. No wonder he's addicted to pain killers. Who knew that kitchen renos could be so hazardous to your health? (check with Mike Holmes - ed).

Last, and definitely least, is Eddie Windass. What's he addicted to, you ask? Skiving and petty larceny. If he's not diddling dart money out of the punters, he's stealing Roy's identity, buying Peach Schnapps under false pretenses or stuffing a meat pie under his shirt at the caf. Will he ever learn or is he addicted to skiving and petty crime? I can't say for sure but if I were Roy, I'd change my password at the Cash and Carry (how about 'Billy Joel' ? - ed) and lock up my pies.

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