Wednesday, March 17, 2010

revenge affair

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 16 episode on CBC

Here's the situation. Ken remains in the doghouse (Is he living with Schmeichel? - ed). Blanche is negotiating for a renovated room before she'll even consider moving back in. And Deirdre? Well, even after Blanche's quasi-apology, she seems completely indifferent. Her only comment? "I’m renewing the mothballs in our wardrobe."

It seems to me that Deirdre is ripe for that most delicious of all infidelities: the revenge affair. Here's how it works. If Ken can sail off for a bit of the old 'row,row, row your boat' with Martha, then surely it's now her turn. After all, what's Ken going to do? Tear up his Weatherfield library card? Cancel his subscription to artfarts monthly?

The (moth)ball is clearly in Deirdre's court and I think she's just about had her fill of dancing in the kitchen and looking at Ken's mournful face. The question is who will she do the horizontal mambo with... and when? (she did mention Mick Jagger's hips - ed).

Well, as we've often opined on this site, there's slim pickings on the Street. Unless she has a weakness for skiving scraggly taxi drivers (Eddie Windass), she'll have to look elsewhere. What about Lloyd? He has a fondness for um.. cougars (or at least women who dress like cougars - ed) and Liz is away for a while so... What about Ramsay Cole? He's not so bad and he's just passing through. Or there's Dev. He's on the rebound and she did have one-nighter with him -- back in the Mesozoic era.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Kind of makes you wish Mike Baldwin were still around. I bet he could get both Deirdre and Ken going without even saying a word.

Ah, good times.

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