Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF March 5

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 4 episode on CBC

Tony is till MIA or taking a well-deserved vacation (from evil? - ed) so we will press on with the regular Friday feature which bears his name: TGIF, 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' , your source for some of the memorable lines on Corrie over the past week. This edition is brought to you by the Weatherfield cash and carry -- where passwords and account numbers are mere formalities. Let's go...

Simon, as he looks at a super-sized photo of Dev in the buff:
"That man’s got no clothes on."
(...and he's in danger of overexposure)

Blanche complaining about her dexterity:
"...with my arthritis I can barely peel a satsuma"
(Ask Ken, after all he's not removing anyone's 'outer layers' these days)

Blanche again complaining about Tara's 'humiliate Dev' urban event:
"That’s it? One picture of him starkers and we're done?"
(what were you expecting? Powerpoints and Cirque du Soleil?)

Mary sharing fond reminiscences of life with mummy dearest:
"She was very dear to me, mother but, sometimes I could've quite cheerfully murdered her"
( that 'Twilight Zone' music I hear?)

Amber expressing disgust at her Dad's marquis appearance in the buff:
"As far as my dad's concerned, he can swing"
(...he certainly can! Ask anyone at the unveiling)

Norris eschewing a 'fry up' in favour of an important breakfast staple:
"No, I really am in need of some bran"
(Better make it a double)

Norris commenting on Mary's 'inappropriate' behaviour at dinner:
"I fancy you put too much brandy in your amuse-bouche"
(I hate when that happens)

Mary telling Norris about her ideal sleeping arrangement in the camper van:
"You, me and Sheena Easton alone beneath a canopy of stars"
(Better check with Sheena Easton first. I don't think she'll like the arrangement)

Mary recounting her preferred bedtime ritual:
"I just lie there stroking my muu muu till I fall asleep"
(well, I guess it beats counting sheep)


That's it for the week. Hope you enjoyed visiting. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more of Ramsay Cole (Norris' brother), particularly if it annoys Norris. Thanks for dropping by and thanks also for the comments and feedback. Enjoy tonight's episode and the weekend omnibus and I'll meet you back here next week. All the best.

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  1. Mary and Norris had a lot of gems this week. I also loved Blanche's line about the rectal thermometer and the dishwasher - CBC cut it out, I saw it on youtube.