Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mary, Mary, somewhat scary

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 2 episode on CBC

I never thought I'd say this ('I'm wearing dirty underwear?' - ed) but I'm starting to feel sorry for Norris. Yes, he is a Grade 'A' busybody and he has misled Mary as to his true desire to travel the world in a Winnebago. On the other hand, Mary seems to be just a little on the bizarre side, like a character out of a Stephen King novel.

Norris, of course, is still carrying an Olympic-sized torch for Rita. The only reason he agreed to a round-the-world trip with Maryissima is because he thought Colin had captured Rita's affections. Now that Colin has come to a sorry end, Norris is once again intent on hanging around the Kabin to 'help' Rita in her time of need.

So what's a gal like Mary to do?

Well, you simply park your Winnebago outside Emily's house and wait for the fussbudget er.. I mean 'man' ...of your dreams to commit to a travel odyssey. There's something about Mary, something odd. Every now and then she makes a casual remark which is a bit unsettling like her love of 'misery lit' or the fact that she would have cheerfully 'killed' her mother (a joke no doubt) or the fact that she likes to stroke her 'mew mew' till she falls asleep. Yikes!

But wait, there's more. During her seducto dinner for Norris in the camper van (fish & chocolate mousse), Mary pulls out all the stops with an impromptu Sheena Easton karaoke session and leading questions like 'what do you wear in bed, Norris?' (suit and tie, I would think - ed).

Small wonder that Norris went running out of the Winnebago like a bat out of hell. Wonder how he'll break the bad news to Mary?

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  1. lol I was thinking the same thing about Mary
    -a little mix of Stephen King's Misery and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. I was picturing them finding her mother in the freezer next to the chicken stew and lasagna.