Friday, June 11, 2010

TGIF June 11

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 10 episode on CBC

So someone beat the stuffing out of David Platt. Who on earth could it be? The list of suspects is diverse and long: Norris, Bethany, Ramsay, Peter Mansbridge, Emily, Amy, the ghost of Charlie Stubbs, Jason, Tony Gordon's bald buddy, Ted, Joe, Sara Louise, Martin, Ken... the possibilities are endless. Oh well, let's just move on to this week's edition of TGIF (Tony Gordon, it's Friday), a (hot) potpourri of the week's memorable lines. Ready, aim. fire!

Liz makes no bones about her dislike for Steve's wife:
"I don’t want my son being used by a dirty, disgusting, drug dealing tramp"

(yeah, why can't you find a nice girl who's serving a sentence for murdering Charlie Stubbs?)

Claire trying to build support for her street fete:
"How do you think the Nottingham carnival started?"
(the sheriff was suffering from postpartum depression?)

The dialogue-challenged Amy asks Liz an awkward question:
"How come your tops are always too small?"
(out of the mouths of babes...)

Steve tells Becky about his ham-handed attempt to bribe Hooch:
"Define stupid"
(...look under 'Steve Mcdonald' in the dictionary)

Ramsay contemplating his last days on the Street:
"I've got to make the most of the local cuisine while I still can"
(take one full English for breakfast, one hotpot for lunch, one kebab for dinner - repeat daily)

Steve describing Slug to a Flying Horse barmaid:
"Small eyes, thin face, bit like a rat"
(Now that you mention it, David Platt was in here...)

Becky is getting sick of Liz's insinuations regarding the drugs found in her purse:
"I could put a few spliffs in the ashtrays, sprinkle a bit of coke on Betty’s hot pot. "
(okay, but I don't recommend snorting the hot pot)

Tina summarizes her relationship with her ex:
"the boy next door turned out to be the hairdresser from hell"
(dye, David, dye!)

Graeme Proctor, garden doctor, explains his new passion:
"I've done fire. It’s time I moved onto earth"
(okay, just try not to make it 'scorched earth')

Liz describes her menopause symptoms to Betty:
"Missing periods, putting weight on, feeling tired"
(maybe you're just a hockey fan?)

I believe the CBC coverage of the World Cup will preempt the usual Sunday omnibus shows so please check your local listings if you're a Sunday viewer. Also, it finally occurred to me that it would be a good idea to label all the TGIF posts for your reading convenience and so they are now thusly labelled. Thanks for stopping by this week as Blanche's Polish Hip passes the 200th post mark. It's a always a treat to have you visit and I'll see you next week. Have great weekend and cheers!

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  1. HiCorrie Heart. Congrats on 200 posts!!!! As always, I enjoyed your Friday's TGIF.
    Esp. Amy's line!! Mary