Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crooked Cops

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 8 episode on CBC

A Corrie friend (you mean the woman at Tim Horton's? - ed) was asking me about DC Hooch and whether ol' Hoochie is the first crooked cop to make an appearance on Coronation Street. I don't know how many crooked cops have shown up on Corrie over the years but I know Hooch isn't the first.

My addled memory tells me that Norman (Curly) Watts was also victimized by a bent copper. I can't remember the exact circumstances but I think his car was being surreptitiously used by a corrupt cop for nefarious activities. Eventually Curly managed to clear his name and, at the same time, met his future wife: Emma (who was a police officer).

Interestingly, Emma herself became a crooked cop when she committed perjury to protect a fellow police officer, Mick Hopwood. Ol Mick himself was also a bit of a crooked cop. He was Janice Battersby's boyfriend and got into a fight with Les Battersby, beating up poor Les and then lying about it. Emma eventually corroborated Mick's story.

I'm sure there were other instances in the history of Corrie (who knows, perhaps Ken got wrongly arrested on the Red rec for singing 'Give peace a chance' in the sixties) but Hooch is definitely not the first - although he may just be the worst.

Oh, and if you happen to see a fella named 'Slug', please call Steve McDonald at 1-800-STREETCARS.

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