Saturday, July 3, 2010

TGIF July 2

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 1 episode on CBC

Yes, I know, I'm a little tardy this week but summer skivin' is playing havoc with my schedule and I just got back to my Corrie central command post (your living room? -ed) where technology meets a nice cup of tea. Now don't get me started on that parrot or the rabbit or Molly's 'goo goo' eyes. Just let's sit back and enjoy some of the week's memorable lines in this edition of TGIF (Tony Gordon, it's Friday). Onward:

Simon explains his emotional state to Peter:
"I’m way too young to be experiencing all this loss "

(Not to mention the Barlows)

Sally is concerned by plans to have the rabbit burial in her backyard:
"Sophie, you know that Graeme's just pruned my herbaceous border"
(Wait till Kevin sees it)

Sally is perplexed by the fact that Simon's male rabbit was named Leanne:
"I think he was a transsexual rabbit "
(I think the politically correct term is 'lapin agile' )

Simon's touching eulogy for his dead rabbit gets personal:
"you were really clever when you pooed in your special box and not in the corner"
(hang on to that text, might come in handy for another funeral)

Julie recounts her night in bed with Jason:
"It was a nightmare because I was wearing me knickers with a picture of Orville the duck on the front"
(First question: How did a duck get on your knickers?)

Sean finally spells it out for Jason:
"You've been playing for a gay football team"
(you're offside... and fabulous!)

Blanche shares her secret ESP gift with Peter:
"Now, I've not told anyone this, but I’m a little bit psychotic"
(that explains a lot)

Emcee at the night club announces Jason's win:
"the moment you've all been waiting for: Mr. Gay Weatherfield"
(he's been outed and he wasn't even in)

Peter describes his deceased bunny experience to Leanne:
"there’s no mistaking a dead rabbit for a living one"
(unless it's just resting...)

Blanche wonders if Simon can be coaxed into tending to her feet:
"Do you think he'd take a pumice to me scaly parts? "
(I dunno, let me see the pumice)

Blanche shares a heart-to-heart with Leanne:
"Right this minute you could kill Peter and I'd be tempted to help you"
(I think they call that 'assisted homicide')


Well, that's it for another week. Once again, my apologies for the delay and I'm back next week in my familiar surroundings (minimum security detention facility? - ed). Cheers and all the best.

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