Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Graeme, Graemilla

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Sept 21 episode on CBC

It seems like the only person who is really enjoying Teresa's 'Vicars & Tarts/Liz' theme party... is Graeme. In fact, ol' Doctor Proctor seems to be enjoying the dressing up (cross-dressing up, you mean -ed) a little too much. It's like he's auditioning for the Weatherfield amateur theatre version of 'The Crying Game' (or simply getting ready for canal Street - ed)

How else to explain the fact that Graeme is using the ladies' room in the Rovers to 'freshen up' ? Of course, it is admittedly rather luxurious in the aforementioned gals' bog but surely soft toilet paper and roomy stalls don't mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry (especially Dick - ed) can go charging into the ladies', embarrassing Julie Carp and trying to borrow her lippy (not Graeme's shade anyway, he's more of a Kelly or Janice - ed).

Still, at least Graeme is getting into the spirit of things. No-one else seems to be enjoying Teresa's evil entertainment. The factory girls are all dressed up and bladdered in the Rovers. Blondes don't seem to be having more fun.(although Fiz does look rather sultry in her wig).

Liz, of course, as the object of the ridicule, is hurt and angry. 'Vicar' Lloyd is embarrassed and then horrified especially when Liz decides to melt half of his prized record collection (hot singles? - ed) and uses the rest as Frisbees (the 'ultimate' revenge - ed). Teresa? Well she's hammered, as usual, and doing a nice job of making Lloyd's life miserable.

All told, the 'Vicars & Tarts/Liz' event probably went rather well from Teresa's nasty perspective but even she can see the writing on the wall. She's as good as binned and not a moment too soon for Lloyd's sake. What was he thinking?

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  1. No. I'm sorry, but you go too far. The "ultimate" revenge pun is just dire. Pistols at dawn...