Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heartbreak Hotel

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Sept 20 episode on CBC

I must say Kev and Molly seem to have honed their leg-over meetings down to a fine art.

Same hotel (same room, it appears - ed), same hour or two of pseudo-connubial bliss and same post-coital chat about their respective marital dilemmas. Occasionally one of their cellphones will ring but it's usually only Sally wanting to know where Kevin has put the garage account books or Tyrone wondering if 'yoga' is that cool, wise dude in Star Wars.

Anyway, after the 'body bliss' (as Jann Arden would say), Kev promptly puts his watch on and bemoans the life of a married man who yearns for the freedom to boink whomever he wants. After that, I imagine, it's check out time at the Weatherfield Super 8 (surely not that upscale? - ed).

Hotel desk clerk: Checking out are we, Mr. Wobster?
Kev: Yeah, thanks, here's the card key.
Hotel desk clerk: mini-bar?
Kev: Nope
Hotel desk clerk: Any pay per view movies?
Kev: Nope
Hotel desk clerk: You know sir, you rented the room for a day, You could check out tomorrow morning if you wish...
Kev: No ta. Now's fine. And make sure the bill says 'sundries', would ya'?
Hotel desk clerk: Of course sir, as always. And shall I have the valet parking bring your vehicle around to the front?
Kev: Yes, please.
Hotel desk clerk: That would be the bright orange tow truck if I'm not mistaken. I'll have our valet bring it right round to the front door.
Kev: Thanks mate. See you.. well.. tomorrow.

How long can this go on? Will Kev and Molly come clean to their respective spouses? Will someone see the tow truck? Will they at least become preferred hotel guests with the possibility of free upgrades? We can only wait and watch. 

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