Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Irish In-laws

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Sept 14 episode on CBC

Sometimes I wonder about Barry and Helen Connor. (Yes, but do you have to blog about it too? - ed).  Although the Connor kids were well ensconced on the Street for a while, we didn't meet the parents for quite some time - not even when Paul shoved Leanne into the trunk of his car (a smart car? - ed) and went on a high speed but deadly joy ride. In fact, the first appearance of Barry and Helen dates back to when Liam married Maria. It was then that the charming couple first popped in (along with Tom who seems to be missing in action -- even though he's still involved in Ladrags and carries a torch for Maria) 

But after that, Barry and Helen certainly made up for lost time by popping round on a regular basis. Not that they didn't have good reason. The loss of Liam and the birth of a grandchild certainly warranted a short visit. But when Tony confessed to Liam's murder, Helen and Barry were back in Weatherfield before you could say 'Irish coffee'. In fact, one has to wonder if they weren't camped out at Manchester Airport with Streetcars on their cellphone speed-dial.

Now, I know that Barry likes the ale at the Rovers and Helen likes to be near her grandchild, but I do find them just a little too close for comfort. Now that Maria is planning to go back to Ireland with them and baby Liam, I guess we might not see them for while. But I wouldn't bank on it.

After all, Carla is back in town and you just know that Helen hasn't finished giving her a 'piece of her mind'.
As the Irish saying goes, 'Erin go girl'... or something like that.

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