Thursday, September 16, 2010

Underworld Inc

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the sept 15 episode on CBC

Ahh Underworld. So many fond memories: Jed Stone in a hamper, the skiving, psychos hiding at night, the skiving, the industrial accidents, the skiving, the fires, the... (get on with it! - ed). But now, with all the turmoil, it's getting harder and harder to figure out who actually owns this innovative knicker enterprise.

Personally, I liked it back in the good ol' days when Mike Baldwin owned the joint, lock, stock and barrel. Back then, there were no questions about who owned how much. Mikey owned 100 per cent of the skiving. Period. But alas, things changed. Danny, his son, became part owner. Eventually the factory wound up in the incompetent hands of Adam Baldwin who sold it for a handful of shiny buttons and string to the Connors. Carla eventually got Paul's share and Tony Gordon squeezed Liam out of his share. 

For a while there, I thought Luke Strong had bought Carla's share but I was wrong. I guess he was just a trustee (poor choice of words - ed). Then comes my favourite part. Rosie purchased 60% of the company from Luke - except Luke didn't own any shares. So Rosie's flirtation with Underworld ownership was like all her flirtations: brief and nasty.

Which brings us back to Carla. I guess she now has Tony's share and her own share and thus becomes the first sole proprietor of Underworld since the incomparable Mike Baldwin. So 100% of the skiving now belongs to her. Janice must be thrilled.


FYI to all Hip readers. A small business trip (skiving probably - ed) will find me away from my hi-tech Corrie console for the next few days. I'll try to do TGIF from a remote location but it may not be possible. Sorry about that. Back for sure next week. Cheers to all.

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