Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rosie's CV

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 13 episode on CBC

Now that she has come to terms with her ill-fated affair with Larcenous Luke Strong, Rosie has to face facts (scam artists aren't as sexy as she thought? - ed). She needs a job. Or, as Sophie says, "..she’s got a great cv."  Hmm...

Rosie Webster
Curriculo Vitalis

Born: duh? obviously. Oh, sorry, I mean December 24, 1990

Oakhill Grammar School
Weatherfield High* 

2007 - Personal Assistant at Underworld Knicker factory
duties:  answering phones, making coffee, sneering at drones on the factory floor, having it off with boss*

2008 - Kidnap Victim
duties: being briefly locked in perv's Gran's attic, trying to escape, eating pasta salad

2009 - Local newspaper celebrity
duties: posing for glam, sexy photos and telling my story about being a perv's captive

- the usual: pouting, texting, swanning around, getting pulled out of parties by the hair etc
- being a goth (but like, that is ancient history, I'm so over that)
- washing my new car (only thing left from my £150,000 gift from the perv who kidnapped me - see above).
- style mags and expensive clothes
- investing in Underworld (at least I thought I was)

- Just call or text Minnie Chandra (my clubbing mate). She'll tell ya that I'm well up for partying and a brilliant shopper.

* left school after having it off with English teacher
* boss turned out to be a total creep 


Let the job offers begin...

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