Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ken's Claus

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Sept 28 episode on CBC

Well, we finally got to see Ken doing his 'Santa Shtick' but I'm disappointed that Blanche didn't get to walk in on his act before his contract was er... terminated (according to terms specified in the santa clause - ed). Nevertheless, I can only imagine that Ken, being Ken, would have used the opportunity to enlighten the little tykes vis a vis his social and economic philosophy. Perhaps it went something like this:

Ken: Hello little boy, what's your name?
Ethan: Ethan
Ken: Well, Ethan, what would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?
Ethan: Lots of things. I made a list and sent it to you.
Ken: Well, did you now? But you know, Ethan, Christmas is more than just material possessions. You see, Ethan, we a capitalist society where an elite (and, yes, some of them are bald and named George) control the economy and exploit the workers.
Ethan: You mean the proletariat.
Ken: Exactly! Now, capitalism is by definition exploitative, specifically in the way in which the working class cedes control and power to the rich, dominant ruling class. This, in turn, creates an odious form of institutionalized serfdom. However, if we consider the abolition of private property - i.e. the very Lego, Transformers and computer games which you have written to me about - we can then effect real and meaningful societal change and become a more fair and equal society for all children, not just the benefactors of that bald, flashy capitalist, George.
Ethan: Who's George?
Ken: Never mind. Suffice to say that sanctioned human greed prevents social and economic evolution, which is coincidentally the underpinning of my novel.
Ethan: The one which you burned in the barbecue?
Ken: Well, yes, in manner of speaking.
Ethan: I want to go home. You're not Santa. You're just a bitter, old man with a lot of Marxist theories.
Ken: Next! .

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