Thursday, October 7, 2010

Corrie alert - check your local listings


Just thought I'd make a quick public service announcement. (You're ending the blog? - ed). I know daily Corrie watchers probably got the info via the scrolling message across the TV screen last night (while Michelle was having a hair-pulling street fight with Carla - damn the CBC and their impeccably bad timing). But, just in case, please note that Thursday's Coronation Street will air at 1.30pm.EDT. Please consult your local listings for details and here's the CBC schedule  for Thursday afternoon.

For some of you, this may mean making crucial adjustments to your VCR or other recording device - always nerve-wracking especially if there isn't a 14 year-old to help. Or, you could always do what I do and simply leave work early to watch the episode live and then return to work (although by the time I get back it will be 2.30pm, almost the end of the day, so there's really no point is there? Might as well, make myself comfrotable and have a nice cup of tea. I'm sure the gals at Underworld would back me up on that). (well skived! - ed)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Carla/Michelle fight. I often wonder why every cat fight in Coronation Street has to take place either a) on the street, or b) in the Rovers and then onto the Street.  Just another Corrie mystery, I suppose. Anyway, to quote the words of that poet, Kevin Webster, 'have a good one'.

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