Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Despicable 'T'

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 5 episode on CBC

"I was despicable" . Thus spake Tony Gordon a few days ago when he told Carla that it was none other than the TG himself who dispatched the enigmatic Jimmy to do away with her. Nothing personal, Tone was just trying to protect himself and his new nuclear family from his past indiscretions (Muder? - ed). Of course, that didn't work out. In an scene right out of the Keystone Cops, Carla thought she'd killed Jimmy and Tony convinced her to run back to LA.

But now things have fallen apart since DC Smith says the coppers have nabbed the elusive Jimmy and he's apparently ready to flap his gums like Jesse's parrot when Eileen walks into the room ("Polly want to kill her, squawk"). So what's the problem? Well, DC Smith clearly knows that Carla is not telling the truth and her alibi (I went shopping in LA - for six months. They have a lot of shops) is falling apart faster than a stale Barm cake at Roy's Rolls. After all, she actually found out all about Tony and how he killed Liam on the night of their Big Fight at Underworld.

So now what happens to Carla? Can she be charged for concealing a crime? How about for conking Jimmy on the head with a heavy object (her humongous wine glass? - ed)?  I'm not sure the police can or will lay any charges but just wait until Michelle, Roy, Hayley and everyone else finds out what Carla knew and when she knew it. Then just watch the fur fly.

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