Friday, October 8, 2010

TGIF Oct 8

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Oct 7 episode on CBC

Let's take a quick look at the weekly Corrie checklist. Cat fight? Check. Someone in jail? Check. Sex? Check. Norris comeuppance? Check. Sordid affair? Check. Gossip at the factory? Double Check. Everything seems to be in order after another eventful week on the Street. The only thing left is this week's edition of 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' or 'TGIF', our weekly round-up of lines from the past few days. Yeehaw!

Steve tells Dev that his bachelor sex life has been somewhat prolific:
"Well, be fair, mate. How many birds have you had since you and Sunita split up? You've even had a mother and daughter combo. I’m surprised you didn’t swap your bedroom door for a turnstile."
(...for Dev quantity is quality)

Dev suddenly asks Bernie to move in with him:
"This has just got to be the most self-serving, blinkered, unflattering, downright weird proposition I think I've ever heard"
(apart from the time she was asked to join a foursome)

Kevin tells Tyrone what not to get a woman for Christmas:
"Kitchen appliances for Christmas presents are liable to end up embedded in your skull"
(he's already had two 'Magic Bullets' surgically removed)

Eileen tells Ken and Deirdre what she has to look forward to at Christmas:
"A boyfriend who dresses like a cowboy, a parrot that hates me, and time-and-a-half in the cab office."
(At least the parrot doesn't have a crush on your half-sister... as far as I know)

Graeme instructs Norris in the sacred code of the window washer:
"What happens up a ladder, stays up a ladder. You get me? "
(Just ask Michelle. She has personal experience with men on ladders)

Audrey has her eye on a potential dating partner but there's a small problem:
"I'll have to get past his toupee first"
(Try walking faster than him.. and his head)

Sally tells her husband not to slag off God:
"Don’t slag God off, Kevin" 
(I believe it's the second Commandment, right after 'Thou shalt not skive')


That's it for the week. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be back next week banging on about the usual. Until then, I'll get on me bike and sling me hook.

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