Friday, October 1, 2010

TGIF October 1

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Sept 30 episode on CBC

Well, well, Tony, the eponymous patron of this revered Friday feature, makes his return (sitting in the John Stape memorial chair in the visitor's room at the local jail) and Carla will no doubt add some much needed eye-candy for the inmates. Elsewhere, the lovely Sunita also makes a return and reminds us (and Dev) what a fool Dev was to make such a mess of their relationship. Ah well, onward with another edition of 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' or 'TGIF', our regular weekly potpourri of some of the memorable lines. Mush!

Ashley tries to help Claire recover from a mega-hangover after a night out with Becky:
"You've not had a drink since yesterday dinner. Fancy the hair of the dog later?"
(Hey, leave Schmeichel out of this)

Tyrone tells Kevin about his wildest dreams:
" me fantasy I’m a millionaire bachelor"
(well, the 'bachelor' part could be coming true soon)

Graeme poses yet another metaphysical question:
"Have you ever wondered what the crew of the Starship Enterprise wear to bed"
(in William Shatner's case, it's probably a girdle)

Anna Windass fusses over how the army might affect Gary's delicate digestive system:
"Did you tell ‘em what scrambled eggs do to your tummy?"
(I believe a full report has been submitted to Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup)

Dev asserts his golfing superiority over Steve Macdonald:
"...for someone who’s been in more bunkers than Hitler, you really shouldn’t make golf jokes"
(yes, it makes Dev fuhrious)

Simon tells a strangely familiar store Santa what he wants for Christmas:
"I want a Wii console. Do you know what one is?"
(Yes, Simon but please refer to it as an 'I-console', this 'Father Christmas' would prefer the use of the appropriate personal pronoun)

Deirdre muses on the reasons for Ken's dismissal as a store Santa:
"I suppose you were never really cut out to be jolly"
(except perhaps when he was flying the um.. 'Jolly Roger' aboard the HMS Martha)

Blanche summarizes Ken's behaviour following the Santa debacle:
"Who needs a turkey when we've got you?"
(I guess Ken just marches to the beat of his own drumstick)

Sunita lists some of Dev's recent floozies:
"Prem Mandel’s wife, their daughter and now this Bernie!"
(hey, don't forget Lisa, the accountant)


Well, that's it for an other week. My, my, time just flies when you're having gin... er, I mean fun.  Hope you enjoyed visiting and thanks again for stopping by. If anyone can remember the name of Ken's ill-fated novel (I think it was something like 'The day after tomorrow' or 'the day before today' or something like that), let me know.  Have great weekend and enjoy the Sunday omnibus. Cheers!

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