Friday, October 22, 2010

Tony Gordon,It's Friday Oct 22

Well, it's that time again. Since I'm away from my Corrie Control Centre and its state-of-the-art betamax recording system with eight-track tape audio sound, I'll make this a short edition of the award-winning TGIF (please stop using the term 'award-winning' - sincerely, Slingya, Hook & Bard, attorneys at law).

Tyrone assures Molly that it's okay to sing first thing in the morning:
"Never too early for karaoke"
(lucky for Molly it's not 'dance, dance revolution')

Molly isn't feeling the Christmas spirit:
"It’s just one big con, of load of hollow sentiment and false promises that don’t outlast the turkey."
(hey, just a second, Kevin' s not a turkey)

Steve wants to know what Liz is doing with Amy's drawing implements:
"where'd you get them felt tips from?"
(Oh boy, sometimes this job is too easy)

Graeme is upset by David's comments about his new eau de cologne:
"Oi, this aftershave were expensive. I got it off Molly’s auntie. It’s Alvin Klein"
(a friend of Arnie Versace?)

The truth comes out as Kev confesses to Bill Webster:
"I've been sleeping with Molly"
(anyhoo, nice chatting with ya' dad, gotta run)

Liz listening to an emotional Sally Webster singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'
"Blimey it’s a long song isn’t it?"
(Wait till she does 'Stairway to Heaven'...)

Steve ponders the dawning of a new year:
"2010. Shouldn’t we all be wearing silver jumpsuits?"
(No, just Liz)

That's it for the week. Thanks to Tony for the comments and for correcting my Tara/Nina mistake. With Dev's long list of lovelies, I sometimes get confused. Have a great weekend and enjoy the omnibus and meet me back here next week as the year 2010 gets underway on the street. 

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