Thursday, October 21, 2010

Molly Dobbs' folly

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 20 episode on CBC

On Coronation Street there are only two choices for a woman scorned: going meekly away or going 'postal' (Because of the price of stamps? -ed). On the 'meek' side, there's Fiz (more or less) after she discovered that John Stape was doing the horizontal mambo with none other than Rosie Webster (the famous cherry vodka queen? - ed) on the side. Like the Scarlet Woman, Fiz bravely suffered through that humiliation without much pushback

On the other side of the coin, there's the other kind of reaction like:

- when Nina takes revenge on Dev by posting a giant-sized nude photo of him on a public wall (caution: objects in the photo may be larger than they appear - ed)

- when Tracy Barlow takes revenge on Dev by cutting his expensive wardrobe of suits into shreds (maybe she needed scraps for a quilt? - ed)

- or when Maya tried to blow up Dev and his fiance, Sunita, by tying them up and setting fire to Dev's shop, after blowing up his other corner shops (maybe she just didn't like cooking with gas - ed)

Hmm, funny how a lot of woman's scorn stories involve Dev - but I digress. The point is: Molly has been rudely - how you say - kicked to the curb by the Kevmeister. The question is: what will she do? Will she go quietly back to the Karaoke Komfort™ of her home with Ty -- or will she exact a lover's revenge on Kevin?

If I were a betting man (...Peter Barlow would be happy - ed), I'd say the latter.  


I'm off for a brief non-skiving trip for a few days but will try to post TGIF while on the road. Cheers, CH

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  1. That was Tara, not Nina. But the mistake is uderstandable considering they are Mother and Daughter! Have a nice trip CH!