Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gail 's Gorgeous Weatherfield home

Modern, bright open-plan house in trendy Weatherfield

Gorgeous little fixer-upper located literally within a stone's throw from downtown (and believe me, many yobs have verified this). This area is an up-and-coming yuppie neighbourhood with a pub, garage, factory, corner shop and butcher -- all within handy walking distance (or, in the case of the pub, 'crawling distance' when you're bladdered).  Need more alcohol?  A new wine bar is under development in nearby 'Viaduct Village', a welcoming hotspot to be operated by a former alcoholic and an ex- prostitute/arsonist. Think of it as 'Cheers' - only much, much hotter and with flames.

Yes, it's a family-orientated place for quiet, peaceful urban life with just a hint of aggro. Inside this fabulous Coronation Street house, you'll find quality construction, a twice-renovated kitchen and a magnificent plywood staircase (watch out for the top step though, you could fall). Built in 1990, the home has had one owner (and several husbands, although not all were serial killers). 

The nearby 'garment district' adds a touch of whimsy to the area, especially when all the factory workers throw a sickie, or the former owner tries to kill someone. Neighbours? Quiet professionals (ex-con, skiver) and a well-educated, ex-kidnapper with a talent for amateur theatrical productions... and serving time.

yes, this house is a true 'handyman special' (just ask Bill Webster) and won't last long on the market. Please call Hewitt & Glastonbury for an appointment or pop round for a viewing (whenever David's not at home).


BTW, thanks for the nice reader comment and welcome to Blanche's Polish Hip... enjoy tonight's episode.

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