Friday, November 19, 2010

Tony Gordon, it's Friday - The enhanced edition

Maybe I'm not the fullest bin in the gunnel, but some things I just don't understand. Who exactly is Alfie (Rosie's patron)? What else will Rosie be promoting besides nuts and drain cleaning products? Why is Bill Webster so obsessed with parking and traffic?  How many cans of cider does Becky have in her bin bag?  Ah well, no point in mithering. let's just move on to TGIF or 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday', a weekly assortment of memorable lines from the week. Off we go:

Joe McIntyre berates Gail and her track record with men:
"That doorway should have a sign over it. Fellas, abandon hope all ye who enter."
(hmm, I don't  know, I prefer something like 'Gailhouse rock' or 'the Platteau')

Michelle sees Steve coming into the pub with his motorcycle leathers on:
"Oh, look out, here comes weevil knievel"
(aka 'the queasy rider')

Sophie tries to summarize Rosie's reason for breast enhancement:
"So, really what you want is to be leered at by a load of sad pervs?"
(not a load, just the most handsome. Duh?)

Kelly Crabtree admits to Steve that she's had enough to drink:
"I think if I drink owt more, I’m gonna throw up in your helmet"
(hopefully while Steve's still wearing it...)

Michelle is obliged to defend Rosie's good name:
"She might be a brainless slapper, but that’s Kevin’s daughter you're talking about"
(er...thanks for the good word, I think...)

Tyrone is brutally honest about the personal possibilities of cosmetic surgery:
"Maybe a bit of liposuction on me man boobs"
(Oh my, I think I may need Steve's helmet after Kelly's finished...)

Ashley is proud to boast about his choice cuts of meat:
"I've got some lovely rump"
(Funny, Claire doesn't seem to have noticed)


Well, that's it for another week. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Sunday omnibus episodes. Thanks for stopping and tolerating all the bad puns. (I know that you suffer for my art). Rest assured, I appreciate the fortitude and the comments. Cheers and see you next week at BPH.

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