Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two modes of Dev Alahan

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Nov 2 episode on CBC

Have you noticed that Dev only really has two moods? (legover and non-legover? - ed). Actually, they're not so much moods as 'modes'. Let me explain (I was afraid of that - ed).

Mode 1: Mellow Dev
First, there's what I call 'Mellow Dev'. This is when Dev is very relaxed, very smiley and usually acting a little, how you say, 'goofy'.

For example, when Sunita pops into the corner shop in a tizzy because she has no place to have the twins' birthday party, Dev is annoyingly 'chill', with that irritating 'go with the flow' mood of his. In this mode, having a kids party at his flat is no problem. Making a mess of his nice bach pad? No problem. Goodie bags? No problem. And so on. It's the same when he challenges Steve to a game of golf. All of a sudden he's Mr. Smooth, making wisecracks and acting funny.

And, of course, 'Mellow Dev' is the Dev who charms the ladies -- until the ladies (like Bernie) see through him and discover his unfortunate habit of... um.. being 'economical' with the truth (see also: Tara, Nina, Sunita etc etc - ed),

But Dev also has another side, a mode which we know only too well. I call it...

Mode 2: Angry Dev
This mode is almost as annoying as 'Mellow Dev' (but not quite). Angry Dev emerges when things don't go his way. Like, for example, when he finds out that Sunita is seeing another man (the manly Matt). That leads to classic lines like this one: "because I care about my kids, I will get angry and I won’t be, uh, be civilized and I won’t be reasonable, all right?" 

It's the same story when Dev gets wound up by Amber or Umed or anyone for that matter.  In an instant, he switches from 'Mellow Dev' into 'Angry Dev' and becomes a blowhard, a mad dervish of hot air and bile - which, inevitably, he regrets later over a morose drink at the Rovers.

Although he's in 'Mellow Dev' mode right now, I can almost guarantee that 'Angry Dev' is just around the corner, probably ready to explode before, during or after his kids' birthday party. General Custard better put on a damn good show...

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