Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 aunties are half as funny as 1 Umed

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the December 6 episode on CBC

Let me be the first to register an objection to the Bollywood-like appearance of Sunita's two aunts from India: Mupma & Grishma (I thought that was a subsidiary of Marks & Spencer - ed). It's not that I mind seeing Sunita again, or the twins. On the contrary, I've always had a soft spot for the fair Sunita (in your head, no doubt - ed) and it's great to see her back on the Street (well, nearby anyway)  But, for some reason, every Dev storyline seems to quickly degenerate into some kind of bad Bollywood movie.

First there was the Mother/Daughter love triangle with Dev, Nina and Tara (why was poor Prem left out? - ed). Of course, that was partially redeemed by the multi-storey public photo of Dev wearing nothing but a smile, all part of Tara's revenge (who's sari now? - ed).

Then came Umed, Dev's uncle and corner shop marketing maverick, who became quite a fixture in the corner shop doing a kind of Bollywood Laurel and Hardy routine with Dev. I believe he developed quite a loyal following (Club Umed? - ed), until he suddenly returned to India.

Now we have Dev playing the role of a goofball dad (papa-dum? - ed) who has to pretend he's married to Sunita so the visiting aunties from India won't know they're divorced. It's like 'I Love Lucy'. And, if I can speak frankly, it seems to me that the aunties are basically two Umeds in drag, except that Umed was a lot funnier than Mupma or Grishma or both (Mishma? - ed).

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  1. Good points. As Clare asked when told about Dev and Sunita's pretend-we're-happy plot: "what Carry On movie did you get that from?" However, Corrie always does a silly plotline -- this -- when a very serious plotline is also happening. Set 'em up, Joe!