Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 People's Golden Hotpot Awards

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year again (your gout's acting up? - ed) when the Blanche's Polish Hipatorium fills with the glamourous and the gorgeous, with the movers and shakers, the literati and the gliterati (get on with it! - ed)

(Next cue card please). 

2010 has been quite a year on the Street with births (Liam Jr), deaths (Leanne the rabbit but not Leanne the escort/arsonist), weddings (Gail & Joe), many legovers (some naughty, some nautical) and assorted crimes and misdemeanours. So many memories, so little time. Let's get right to the nominations and remember it is an honour just to be nominated. Winners will be announced on Friday...

Category: Best Wedding 
And the nominees are: a) Steve & Becky; b) Stape & Fiz; c) Gail & Joe

Category:  Best Crime Story:
And the nominees are: a) DC Hooch stitch up; b) the B&E at the clinic by Joe; c) Gary Windass robbery of Ted's house; d) Rosie ripped off by Luke Strong; e) Rick the loan shark; d) Tony Gordon arrested for murder; c) Eddie Windass' stealing Roy's cash and carry card.

Category: Best Medical/injury Story
And the nominees are: a) Peter in rehab; b) Ashley's vasectomy; c) Becky's miscarriage; d) Jimmy conked on the head by Carla.

Category: Fondest Farewell (to the Corrie character who left us in 2010) 
And the nominees are: a) Colin (Eileen's father); b) Joe McIntyre; c) Leanne the rabbit; d) Ramsay Cole.

Category: (my favourite) Best Cat Fight
And the nominees are: a) Rosie/Michelle; b) Molly/Jackie Dobbs; c) Beckie/Poppy

Category: Best Water-based Story
And the nominees are: a) Tony tries to drown Roy; b) Sophie's baptism; c) Joe McIntyre trying to fake his death on Lake Windermere; d) Ken's narrow boat legover

Category: Best Return to the Street
And the nominees are: a) John Stapes; b) Sunita; c) Ciaran; d) Carla

Category: Most Nauseating Romance
And the nominees are: a) Dev/Tara; b) Nathalie/Tony; c) Maria/Tony; d) Luke/Rosie; e) Lloyd/Teresa; f) Kev/Molly

Category: Best Romance or Relationship:
And the nominees are: a) Jack & Connie; b) Martha & Ken; c) John & Fiz; d) Jason & Tina.

Category: Best Visiting Character
And the nominees are: a) Umed, b) Slug, c) Frieda (Emily's niece); d) the Indian Aunties

And finally (also my favourite) Best Animal in a Story:
the nominees are: a) Jack's pigeon 'Scarlett'; b) John the parrot; c) Leanne the rabbit; d) Ozzie the dog.

Biggest surprise? Leanne the Rabbit nominated in two categories! Wow. And what a bumper list of excellence throughout! Additions? Deletions? Surprises? Feel free to let me know. Who will win? Who will lose? Only time will tell. Winners will be announced on Friday. Till then the list is being kept sealed in a jar of licorice allsorts behind Norris' counter. The excitement is building.

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  1. Corrieheart, you have out-done yourself here!!!! I really enjoyed that & can't think of anyone you missed. LOL Mary