Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bin there, done that

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Dec 27 episode on CBC

Just what exactly is Carla Connor playing at?  She's comfortably ensconced at Underworld, acting all coquettish with a new hairdo and taking a shine to the friendly neighbourhood binman (wait till Janice finds out. It'll be UFC (Ultimate Freeforall Catfight) time - ed). So what's the attraction? And why is Cruella slumming it when she could be wining and dining with knicker factory suitor Nick Platt?

My sources at Tim Hortons (i.e. Judy) confirm that binman Trevor Dean is a "bit of alright", significantly boosting the hunk quota on the Street (It's about time! - ed). Maybe Carla is tired of smooth-talking rag trade/murder moguls like Tony Gordon? Or dark, broody guys like Liam? Maybe she's interested in someone upright, genuine, straightforward and easy on the eyes. Trevor liked Carla when he thought she was a cleaning lady at the factory. There's a certain kind of Cinderella-esque magic there.

Then there's the timeless allure of the binman, that most romantic of all trades.(utter rubbish! - ed). There's a legacy of binmen on Coronation Street from the legendary Eddie Yeats to Curly Watts (quality guys from the waste up - ed). It's hard not to fall for the sight of a man on the bins (not to mention the smell - ed).

One way or the other, Carlissima seems to have a soft spot for Trevor. I can hardly wait to see them in some cozy little restaurant sharing a vat of Chardonnay and a spag bol. Makes me think of the Lady and the Tramp.

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