Friday, December 31, 2010

and the golden hotpot goes to...

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've all been waiting for (Gail moves to the Lake District? - ed). The votes have been tabulated by the staff at Peter Barlow's bookie shop, one of the most reputable establishments this side of the Newton and Ridley brewery, and we are ready to announce the winners of the 2010 People's Golden Hotpot Awards. But first, an unnecessary song and dance number featuring the Jack Duckworth Pigeon Toe Dancers.

(pause for applause)

Now, let's get to the winners.

In the Category: Best Wedding   
the nominees are: a) Steve & Becky; b) Stape & Fiz; c) Gail & Joe 

...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Steve & Becky, together forever... or at least until Tracy finds out.

In the Category:  Best Crime Story:  
the nominees are: a) DC Hooch stitch up; b) the B&E at the clinic by Joe; c) Gary Windass robbery of Ted's house; d) Rosie ripped off by Luke Strong; e) Rick the loan shark; d) Tony Gordon arrested for murder; c) Eddie Windass' stealing Roy's cash and carry card.

...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: The DC Hooch stitch-up, if only for Steve's inept attempt at a bribe

In the Category: Best Medical/injury Story
the nominees are: a) Peter in rehab; b) Ashley's vasectomy; c) Becky's miscarriage; d) Jimmy conked on the head by Carla.

...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Peter in rehab, it was so good, he went there twice

In the Category: Fondest Farewell (to the Corrie character who left us in 2010) 
the nominees are: a) Colin (Eileen's father); b) Joe McIntyre; c) Leanne the rabbit; d) Ramsay Cole.

...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Ramsay Cole, but Leanne the rabbit was a close second

In the Category: Best Cat Fight
 the nominees are: a) Rosie/Michelle; b) Molly/Jackie Dobbs; c) Beckie/Poppy
...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Beckie/Poppy, if only because of the removal of hair extensions

In the Category: Best Water-based Story
the nominees are: a) Tony tries to drown Roy; b) Sophie's baptism; c) Joe McIntyre trying to fake his death on Lake Windermere; d) Ken's narrow boat legover
...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Ken's narrow boat legover, sex & amateur theatre? That's tough to beat

In the Category: Best Return to the Street
the nominees are: a) John Stapes; b) Sunita; c) Ciaran; d) Carla
...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Sunita, although Ciaran does (old) spice things up

In the Category: Most Nauseating Romance
the nominees are: a) Dev/Tara; b) Natasha/Tony; c) Maria/Tony; d) Luke/Rosie; e) Lloyd/Teresa; f) Kev/Molly
...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: it's a tie! Dev/Tara & Lloyd/Teresa

In the Category: Best Romance or Relationship:
the nominees are: a) Jack & Connie; b) Martha & Ken; c) John & Fiz; d) Jason & Tina.
...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Jack & Connie (I sure hope she doesn't turn out to be a con artist)
In the Category: Best Visiting Character
the nominees are: a) Umed, b) Slug, c) Frieda (Emily's niece); d) the Indian Aunties
...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Umed, Mumbai's gain is Weatherfield's loss
And finally in the Category, Best Animal in a Story:
the nominees are: a) Jack's pigeon 'Scarlett'; b) John the parrot; c) Leanne the rabbit; d) Ozzie the dog.

...and the Golden Hotpot goes to: Ozzie the dog (hey, he had to cuddle with Tony Gordon, he deserves a medal of bravery too)

Well, fellow Corrie addicts, that's it for another year on the Street. 2010 has flown by and much has changed. Of course, some things haven't changed.  (Gail's hairdo? -ed). I want to send out special thanks and appreciation to everyone who stops by, reads my feeble musings and posts comments. You're very kind and I appreciate the company here at Blanche's Polish Hip. On behalf of the editor (get on with it - ed) and myself, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2011. Let's hope Peter stays off the booze and Gail stays away from marriage. Cheers!


  1. Happy New Year. Have to disagree with best crime story though - I personally favour the Luke Strong rips off Rosie story for its ginormous great lashings of karma and schadenfreude.

  2. Thanks for the retrospective on the year. Amazing how easy it is to forget some parts of it. I'd put Tony Gordon's arrest as the best crime story of the year. The way they managed to stretch it out for so long before he got caught, the deathbed confession to Roy of all people, the unexpected recovery and the even more unexpected fact that Tony actually walked into the station and fessed up--all of it was great writing that had me on the edge of my seat. Tony's character was also more complex and hard to pin down, which made it more intriguing than the Richard Hillman story. Just when you'd think you'd figured out what's motivating Tony and what kind of person he really is, he goes and does something to make you question him all over again.

  3. Thanks for that, Corrieheart. I agree with all your picks except for Best Crime Story, for the same reasons as Anonymous above. Yes, I was delighted to see this happen to Dosie. :)
    Well done! Mary