Friday, December 24, 2010

Tony Gordon, It's Christmas Eve

Welcome all Corriephiles (watch the language - ed). Yes, the skiving is over and yes, I'm back in the metaphorical saddle (what happened to the real one you keep on the dining room table? - ed). There are, of course, some very important breaking stories on the Street which need to be mentioned. Specifically, Carla's new hairdo. The jury's still out on this (don't worry, they'll be back for Gail - ed) but for me it's a little too much like Cher circa 1987 ('gypsies, tramps & thieves' : how apropos - ed). But enough mithering. let's get festive with the Christmas eve edition of TGIF, Tony Gordon, It's Friday. Ho Ho Ho!

Steve tells his mom that the new barman has forgotten her late night advances: 
"Looks like Ciaran's got the memory of a goldfish"
(fortunately, it's not his memory she's after, Stevie boy)

Norris chastises Mary for her US style conversation:
"I do wish you wouldn't use Americanisms in the shop"
(Sounds like Norris has a bad case of gas... I mean petrol)

Kelly tells Teresa that her job prospects are bleak:
"Oh, well, I don't suppose there's much call for poisoners, is there?"
(Hmm... try the kebab shop...)

David is being unusually nice to Gail:
"I’ve made you a warm drink. Thought it might help you sleep"
(Watch out Gail, it could be David's special herbal tea blend:  'Toxic Tisane')

Carla asks Fiz to show Teresa around Underworld:
"Fiz love, would you show her where the toilet’s at please?"
(Certainly, walk this way)

Kelly is delighted at the prospect of Teresa being a char at Underworld:
"Do you know I have never loved another woman quite so much as I  love Carla Connor right this minute?"
(Now that's what I call a storyline!)

Sunita chats with John Stape about poor ol' Fiz:
"I remember reading in the newspaper she got mixed up with a nutter who kidnapped Rosie Webster"

Kirk recounts one of his primo pick-up lines:
"if I could arrange the alphabet I’d put you and I together."
(In Kirk's alphabet, I believe the U and I are together)

Trevor responds to Norris' query about the delicate placement of garbage bins:
"If I told you where to put your bin would you do it?"
(Probably not. I don't think it would fit anyway...)


Well, Corrie colleagues & friends, that's it for this abbreviated week of Blanche's Polish Hip. On behalf of everyone at the Hip, I wish you a Merry Christmas and my sincere thanks for stopping by and especially for your comments. I'll be back next week as usual with more Hip and our annual people's golden hotpot awards
I can already feel the excitement (no actually, that's your Snuggie - ed). Stay tuned and all the best.

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