Friday, December 3, 2010

Tony Gordon, It's Friday - The Lake District edition

Well, fellow Corrie lovers, it's been a sobering week on the Street (except for Peter - ed). Joe's untimely disappearance on the lake, Peter's untimely return to booze, Dev's untimely return to Sunita's house. A point of interest, however. Have you noticed how little time was actually spent on the Street this week? Most of the episodes were in the beautiful Lake District or at Sunita's nice house or at George's sumptuous mansion. Ah well, enough musings, time to get to the good stuff, some of the memorable lines from the past week in a little something I like to call 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' or TGIF. Allez:

George's candid assessment of the wine bar's hardhat party after Peter's drunken debacle:
"...compared to last night the Titanic was a success"
(Although, to be fair, there was ice involved in both disasters...)

Janice asks about Peter and his immediate plans:
"So do you think he'll be off getting bladdered again?"
(Is the Pope Catholic?)

Joe waxes poetic to Gail as they sail the waters of the lake:
"I don’t think I ever feel so alive as when I’m out on the boat like this"
(hold that thought...)

Joe explains his financial predicament to Gail who suggests they can reason with Rick:
"There is a reason they are known as sharks, not flaming goldfish!"
(besides the phrase 'loan goldfish' just doesn't have the same cachet as 'loan shark')

Ciaran use his best charm to woo the fair Michelle:
"What a beautiful Irish girl like you really needs is a Dublin boy to appreciate you"
(Now that's what I call a Celtic tiger!)

David Platt summarizes Gail's relationship with Joe:
"I’m sorry mam but you married yet another head case"
(well, sixth time lucky...)


That's it for the week as we sail through another week on the Street. Thanks, as always, for dropping by and visiting. Let's hope things take a turn for the better next week on the Street (I already feel bad for Tina). Enjoy the omnibus and don't forget to drop in next week for a virtual cuppa. Cheers! 

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