Friday, January 14, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday - the denied bail edition

no spoilers were used in the making of this post.

First and foremost, thanks for the comments. Regarding the long four months before Gail's case goes to trial, I'm not sure what's considered a reasonable delay before a trial goes to court but, knowing Corrie writers, four months is probably not unrealistic in the UK -- although it does seem unreasonable. No-one so far (like her lawyer) has mentioned this issue but Nick is supposedly trying to find Gail a new, better lawyer so maybe the issue will come up in the future.

I guess for Corrie fans the big question is: Will we see Gail on a regular basis over the four months and be introduced to a whole host of new characters (i.e. inmates)? Or,  will we just not see her for a few months until the case goes to trial. Either way, it doesn't look good for Gail, especially with David trying to 'help' in his patented psycho-boy way. Now, to the business at hand, by which I mean TGIF, 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday', a look at some of the memorable lines of the week. Avast!

Eileen tells Sean that she wants to put Jesse's props out for the garbage collectors:
"I’m not sure they'd know what to do with a plastic cactus"
(Oh I think they could probably figure it out)

Tyrone tells Kev that the baby could eventually become part of the garage management team:
"We could change the name of the garage, couldn’t we? Webster’s, Dobb's and Son"
(or, maybe Webster's Son & Dobbs would be more accurate...)

Audrey is aghast at the class of people visiting the jail:
"There’s a woman over there with more tattoos than David Beckham"
 (and I bet she has a more threatening voice too)

Auntie Pam describes Molly's behaviour:
"Someone who’s barely out of her wedding dress before she’s dropped her drawers for her husband’s best friend."
(well, when you put it like that, sure it sounds bad)

John Stape introduces himself at his first adult education night class: 
"Evening everybody. - My name’s John Stape"
(...and I'm a kidnapper)

Kevin Webster tells his daughter that buying costly apparel is not the main goal in life:
"Clothes are not important".
(Actually, I think Rosie knows that based on how little she wears)

David Platt is aghast at Tina's behaviour towards Gail:
"How do you even sleep at night Tina?"
(Well, first she takes off those big earrings)

Carla makes a pithy remark after David steals Nick's car:
"He's a scamp your little brother, isn't he?"
(If by scamp you mean psycho-killer, then yes I suppose he is)

Eileen's neat summary of her and Jesse:
"You're an insensitive moron, and I’m a moody, stubborn cow"
(Is that kinda like 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'?)

Well, fellow Corrie fans, that's it for the week. Whether you're watching online or on Sundays or every weeknight, I hope you enjoyed the week and I do thank you for dropping by. Have a great weekend and I'll see you here next week. Cheers!

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