Friday, February 4, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday. Colin Fishwick edition

The way things are going. John Stape could find himself back in the nick grappling with Tony Gordon for a bar of soap in the communal showers. But I digress. It's Friday and all hail the award-winning (well, not yet, but dammit we're due) weekly feature: Tony Gordon, It's Friday or TGIF, your weekly round-up of some of the more memorable lines of the week. Let's get this started:

Sian asks Ryan (pronounced Rye-Ann, two syllables) if he wants to visit her new home:
"Do you want to come to Southport for the weekend?"
(do chickens have lips?)

Kevin finally figures out what Sophie's footballer boyfriend really does:
"You work the burger van outside county’s ground."
(Right next to Wayne Rooney's chip wagon)

John Stapes tells Fiz what he really thinks about Colin Fishwick:
"Colin is a puffed up soulless arrogant pig"
(and those are his good points...)

John Stape is having an identity crisis:
"I don’t know who am I anymore"
(let me jog your memory: you're a pervy kidnapper)

Stape reveals his name to the job interviewer:
"Fishwick, Colin Fishwick."
(licence to fib?)

Steve warns Lloyd that Leanne's friend may be, you know, paid by the hour:
"Well I think they call it they oldest profession in the world don’t they?"

Steve asks a pointed question at the adoption meeting:
"Uh, we live in a pub. Is that a problem?"
(certainly not for you)

Deirdre asks Ken a pointed question about Mr. Stape:
"How long is it gonna be before John’s walking on the canal bank one day and an actress comes floating on a barge and he forgets all about his wedding vows."
(depends on the speed of the barge)

Eddie tells Anna not to pin her adoption hopes on getting a child like her son: 
"They're not gonna give us another Gary." 
 (Her Majesty's Correctional Services will be pleased to hear that)

That's it for another week. Enjoy the weekend and thanks very much for stopping by to visit. Cheers to all and I'm hoping that all renovations to the Hip-odrome are completed shortly.

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