Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plan B at the prison

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 8 episode on CBC

It seems the two detectives from Weatherfield CSI have been so far unsuccessful in their devilish plan to get the goods on Gail Platt. Their strategy was to put Tracy Barlow into Gail's cell and get ol' Trace to play informant, squeezing a murder confession out of Gail. Sadly, the ruse hasn't worked so maybe it's time to try something else... something like this:

Gail: somone's stolen me lippy again.
Tracy: That's okay Gail, you can borrow mine. I'm your best friend.
(knock, knock. Guard opens cell door)
Guard: Sorry ladies but you'll have to make room for one more. We're a little crowded but I reckon the three of you will get along just fine.
Gail: Tony Gordon!
Tony: Gail, Tracy. Mind if I join you ladies for a wee chat.
Tracy: Where have they been hiding you, gorgeous?
Tony: solitary, mostly.
Gail: This is ridiculous. I demand to speak to the warden. I'm not sharing a cell with two miurderers
Tracy: er, I'm not too crazy about it either you know. This will interfere with my table tennis training
Tony: I'm sorry to hear about you murdering your husband, Gail. Why don't you tell Uncle Tony all about it over a wee dram.
Tracy: er, hang on a second, Scotty. Gail was about to confess to me before you riverdanced in here.
Gail: I want to speak to the warden!

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