Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the Saturday edition

Yes, I know, I know. I'm late. I wasn't skiving (if that's what you were thinking) nor was I recovering from a skinful. If you must know, I had to make a quick trip to the Big Smoke and... well it turned out to be bigger and smokier than I expected. However I do realize that I'm about as popular as a fart in a space suit right now so let's do that little thing I like to call TGIF, your weekly buffet of tasty lines from this week's Corrie. Roll 'em:

Tracy expresses her feelings about Gail's choice of husband:
"weren’t you embarrassed to have picked another nutter?"
(at least she's consistent)

Gail tells Tracy about the cruel economic factors behind Joe's death:
"I didn’t kill my husband, Tracy - the recession did"
(well, let's arrest this 'recession' before it strikes again)

One of many highlights from the reading of Blanche's will:
"I also entrust him [Ken] with the care of my faithful companion, Eccles, to feed and walk her regularly while avoiding canals, theatres or any other places where women of ill repute may gather."
(I guess that rules out everywhere except the Red Rec)

Gail shares a Hallmark moment with Tracy:
"I was never your greatest fan before. In fact I always thought you were a bit of a cow"
(udder nonsense!)

Hailey tells Roy that his lack of emotion is distinctly Vulcan:
"You don’t have any feelings, you're like Mr. Spock"

The slimeball owner of La Belle shares business wisdom with Lloyd:
"Punters aren’t gonna pay to watch some dog are they?"
(I dunno, let me see the dog)

Tracy hits Becky below the belt:
"At least my eggs are in perfect working order"
(you mean 'over easy')

The La Belle slimeball owner doesn't like Cheryl's work habits:
"Who do you think you are? You turn up late, do a couple of hours"
(a machinist at Underworld?)

Gerald, at the salsa class, apologizes to Anna and Hailey
"Oh sorry, I thought you were lesbians"
(quite alright, old sport)

Bella, the salsa class teacher shows Hailey a unique dress:
"Every sequin was sewn on by a blind person"
(I see)

Bella again:
"I love clothes that tell a story"
(especially a horror story!)


That's it for the week fellow Corrie fans. thanks for stopping by and thanks for sticking with BPH even when we're late. All the best and have a great weekend. Remember to put your clocks forward this Saturday night or you'll find youself watching Jeopardy instead of Corrie next week (or something like that). Cheers!


  1. Well, I thought you were skiving, but I now subscribe to the skinful theory because it's more entertaining.

  2. I leave the theory to your excellent judgment and tact. I would respectfully point out, however, that skiving and 'having a skinful' can be combined.
    Thanks for the comment and all the best, CH