Friday, March 18, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: The Dumb & David edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 17 episode on CBC

Meet David & Nick Platt: super-criminals. They decide to bribe a witness, give her £2,000 and wait for her to make her statement... outside the police station. What could possibly go wrong? Ah well, that's one reason why we watch: to see what David will do next. Anyhoo, it's time for Tony Gordon It's Friday or TGIF, our review of memorable lines from the past week. Onward!

Bella, salsa instructor, tells Hayley that her new dress is fabulous:
"I honestly believe you can’t dance salsa unless you look salsa"
(Of course there's a fine line between looking salsa... and looking like a bottle of salsa)

Carla asks Kirk about his job experience:
"Well it’s mainly been dogs and butchering".
 (Should be invaluable in the garment industry)

Becky reassures Amy who is upset by David Platt's rant:
"Oh, don’t even worry about David Platt. He’s just a toe rag"
(that's an insult to toe rags)

Kirk rationalizes the fact that he didn't a get a sewing job at Underworld:
"it’s like what Billy Joel said: 'You can’t miss what you never had' Or was that Gandhi?"
(I believe it was Billy Gandhi, accomplished New Wave artist of the 90s)

Marital friction is bothering Roy and he tells Hayley:
"I’m finding our lack of communication extremely distracting"
(perhaps this calls for a Vulcan mind-meld)

Anka, the cleaning lady, understands perfectly what Nick and David Platt are after:
"I’m Polish, not stupid."
(whereas Nick and David are not Polish, but...)

That's it for another week on the Street. Thanks so much for the comments which I greatly enjoy. Have a great weekend and enjoy the omnibus on Sunday. A special hello to the Hudson Coronation Street Appreciation Society (HCSAS) and its 150 members who get together to regularly talk Corrie in Hudson, just West of Montreal. Now that's what I call 'quality skiving.' Cheers!

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