Friday, March 25, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: the escapee edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 24 episode on CBC

Wow, what a week! A prison fight, a daring escape, Tony on a motorbike (a la Tom Cruise), courtroom drama and Eddie's coconut macaroons. Does it get any more thrilling than that? (try eating a hotpot on an empty stomach - ed). It's like a bizarre cross between Mission Impossible and Rumpole of the Bailey with a little Vicar of Dibley thrown in for good measure (I believe Robbie played Hugo on that UK series if I'm not mistaken). No time to dawdle, let's get on with TGIF or 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' our weekly round-up of memorable lines from the week's episodes. Break out:

David Platt searches the fridge for his favourite snack:
"What’s happened to those little yogurts?"
(Anka got them as part of her deal... along with the two grand)

Kirk is surprised to learn the origins of his name from an Underworld customer:
"Church? That’s my real name?" 
(The name's Sutherland, Church Sutherland)

Nick is upset when David storms into Underworld and interrupts a meeting:
"Do I storm into the salon while you're in the middle of a perm?"
(If you did, you'd regret it: the horror, the horror)

Ciaran discovers that the beautiful Cheryl is a pole dancer:
"What you'd give to be that pole eh?"
(two thousand pounds in the case of Anka)

Eileen complains about Eddie Windass' attire:
"Have you seen him in his new driving gloves? He looks like across between a jewel thief and a pedophile" 
(Let's hope it's more like jewel thief)

Nick does a role play with David who plays the part of Anka, the fake witness:
"Where'd you get your coat Mrs. Polish Cleaner Woman?"
(The Polish Cleaner Woman Coat Store, right next to Lululemon)

Deirdre can't believe that her daughter would lie about a murder:
"Tracy wouldn’t stitch Gail up would she, for an extra what ten minutes telly a night?"
(Would you believe 15 minutes and an infomercial?)

Robbie tells Tony what he's learned from Roy Cropper:
"Did you know the largest bat in the world is called the flying fox?"
(Maybe that's because it is a flying fox)

Robbie reminisces with Roy about the good old days of railway service:
"You could have your hair cut on the Flying Scotsman in them days"
(Speaking of which, anyone seen Tony lately?)

A lawyer in the courtroom makes his case against Gail Platt:
"The prosecution submits to you that her anger got the better of her and she struck him on the head with a rolling pin."
(That'll teach Joe not to make bad shortbread)

Dev can't believe that Sunita let Tony into the house:
"He’s Tony Gordon. He’s the man who murdered Maria’s husband"
(Oh, that Tony Gordon)


Well, fellow Corrie lovers, that's it for the week. I hope you enjoyed this week's episodes with all the special effects, stunts and courtroom drama. What did you think of the new opening montage and updated theme? The jury is still out here at Corrie Central but I think it will take a little getting used to. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for the comments and have a great weekend. Cheers!

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  1. I said it was a week not to miss! Can't wait to see what Tony does and how the trial ends up! As for the new opening, the music is all right but I'm not struck on the visuals. Seeing as they highlight the cat and pigeons, they should have thrown in Ozzie, Schmeikel and Eccles too!