Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carla Connor and her 'to do' list

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 28 episode on CBC

Well, it's all kicking off now. Tony's got a gun (not a Claymore? - ed) and he's being as evil as a custard slice with salmonella. Poor Carla! As if she doesn't have enough on her plate. I can only imagine what her 'to do' list looks like....

11. get more Chardonnay (I'm down to me last four cases)
10.make appointment to get hair done (NOT at Audrey's)
9.  tell Trevor not to keep saying "Bin there, done that" after sex.
8.  fire Janice (I'll figure out why later)
7. fire those other factory workers who never speak and whose names I don't know but appear sometimes on the factory floor
6. get rid of Nick Tilsley (what a flippin' waste of space!)
5. fix hole in roof (it ain't rainin' men in here, it's just flippin' rainin')
4. find out what the hell happened to the two grand which was in the safe
3. get some new knicker contracts or Underworld will go under
2. ask Hailey about her salsa classes (sounds like fun!)
1. get untied and get away from ex-husband/nutter/psycho killer before he kills me


  1. I am really enjoying your blog Corrie Heart! I just found it recently and I'm reading the older posts as well to get your take on everything.

  2. Welcome to the blog and thanks so much for the nice comment. Hope you enjoy your visit and all the best, CH