Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colin Fishwick doesn't like Canada, you say? Pity.

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the April 12 episode on CBC

Well, well. It seems that Colin Fishwick doesn't like Canada. Pity. I suppose he has the usual complaints: the beer (too cold), the summer (too hot),  the hockey (too fast), the curling (too slow) and the Beaver tails (not at all what he was expecting).

According to the devious Charlotte Hoyle, a former colleague and potential blackmailer of John Stape, Colin has been posting on his Facebook page (Geez, I wouldn't want to 'poke' him - ed). Apparently, Le Grand Fishwick has been e-whining. Charlotte says Colin is missing his friends and finding Canada "Quite Austere" (Isn't that near Moose Jaw? - ed).

I wonder what else his Facebook page says? (Likes: getting down, quaffing ale, premier league, tea breaks, 'the ladies', Marmite, beans on toast). Relationship status? (A player with a capital P).

But I digress. According to Charlotte, Facebook Disatisfaction is just the thin edge of the wedge - or, as she says to John: "it's a slippery slope, cock." (I beg your pardon - ed). The problem, according to Charlotte, is that ol' Colin might just end up on a one-way Air Canada flight back to Manchester  (with a 10 hour layover at Heathrow - ed). Then we'd have two Colin Fishwicks in the UK. (Oh God, no. One is too many - ed)

Of course, we could all see this coming. This was a nutty scheme from the get go. John Stape seems adept at concocting and acting on idiotic plans (affair with Rosie, kidnapping Rosie etc etc). This is just another chapter in his sad saga. But the saddest part is poor Fiz, dealing with Stape and Chesney while her job hangs by a thread. I certainly don't envy her.

Meanwhile, Canadian Corrie watchers can take heart from the fact that Canada is playing a small part in a Corrie storyline. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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