Thursday, April 14, 2011

faster than the speed of dating

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the April 13 episode on CBC

It's like a car crash. It's horrible but I can't look away. (I feel the same way about Charlotte's pashmina - ed)  I'm talking about the first (and last? - ed) Rovers Return Speed Dating Night. Ciaran came up with this and it's probably the worst idea he's had since he signed up for submarine duty with Peter on the HMS Skinful.

First of all, did you notice how they had to import a busload of non-speaking lovelies to participate in the event? Apparently no self-respecting Coronation Street woman (and that includes Julie, Janice and Izzy) wanted to go where no woman has gone before.

On the male side, the main 'players' were Lloyd and Kirk. Graeme bowed out to provide um... comfort (and joy surely - ed) to Tina. Back at the Rovers, Lloyd did alright (he collected more phone numbers than the Yellow Pages!) but ol' Kirkie only managed to pick up an awkward silence and a slap in the face ("I'll take that as a maybe"). As for Ciaran, well, he was found fondling a speed dater in the smoking shelter by none other than Michelle.

Now that's what I call a Celtic Tiger!

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  1. Didn't they have a speed dating storyline a few years back - I seem to recall the older crowd going to an event, particularly Rita?